Something happened in the digital world over the last few years – websites went from being a practical way for consumers to buy from or to find out about companies and became a way to share information, to develop relationships and to create lasting impressions with customers, no matter where in the world they may be. For Tekhoi Web Design, it was this shift in attitude and experience that has allowed them to reach the pinnacle of their industry.


Started in 2009, Tekhoi was the brainchild of web design guru Nick Horrocks. Nick has been involved in website design since the very early days. He has experienced the shift in focus like few others in the industry and is one of the few who been able to move with the times. With a number of very high profile accounts under his belt including early websites for Vogue Magazine, Debenhams, Top Shop and Harrods, Nick quickly learned what worked for large organisations and their customers – a skill which has been the mainstay of his design-led work ever since.


Tekhoi believe in developing long lasting relationships with clients regardless of geographical distance. For them a client is simply a phone call, an email or a skype conversation away. Even as a company, Tekhoi has gathered together the world’s best web design experts – allowing their clients to gain the best of all worlds. Tekhoi may be based in the UK, but it lives the world over.

Nick has understood that different cultures will express their creativity in new and innovative ways, they will have techniques that lend themselves to certain clients and this ability to employ people from all over the globe leads to new possibilities and new horizons. It is simply exciting. Just as important is the fact that working remotely keeps costs down, allows 24 hour work to be a reality and it brings together the very best people in the industry.


Tekhoi could be described as a one stop shop for web design – but it is so much more than a diluted catch-all. They have real integrity and thorough knowledge, but offer it at a competitive price, understanding fully that clients have budgets, time constraints and the need for a product that truly works.

As a small and integrated team, consisting of the very best designers from across the globe, Tekhoi can offer a full agency service without the usual high end costs. This means it offers a consultancy service, full web design and SEO work. It is the full monty.

Web design has come a long way. It has evolved, changed and developed into something almost unrecognisable from what it was 15 or 20 years ago. Thankfully some web design companies have moved with the times, kept up with the game and aimed to get ahead. Tekhoi is one such company.